Want to see me in SQLBits 2020? Now is your time to vote!

SQLBits 2020 have just recently opened up their sessions for public voting!

Remember when I said I’m working on something for English speakers in regards to my CI/CD with SSDT sessions? Well, this is one of them. I’ve submitted both parts of my 2-part sessions to SQLBits 2020 and now YOU get the power to vote me in!

There are a WHOLE LOT of superstar speakers and awesome sessions there, so it’s definitely going to be a serious challenge. But you know what they say: 100% of people who don’t try – don’t succeed. Either way, it’s going to be a fascinating experience!

Part 1: CI/CD & Source Control:Development Lifecycle Basics for DBAs

Part 2: CI and CD with SSDT: Methodology and Features for DB DevOps

You can vote for the sessions you want to see delivered in the full sessions list here:


For more details about my CI/CD with SSDT sessions, and videos of me delivering it in webinars for the PASS Global Hebrew Virtual Group, check out the links below:

CI and CD with SSDT Part 1: Development Lifecycle Basics for DBA (PASS Global Hebrew)

CI and CD with SSDT Part 2: Methodology & Features for DB DevOps (PASS Global Hebrew)

Wish me luck, and hopefully I’ll see you there!

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