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  • Until recently, database development often lagged behind application development in adopting modern lifecycle techniques. This disparity leads to inefficiencies, errors, and communication issues between teams, and hurts the organization's time-to-market capabilities in both the short and long term. In this session, the prelude for a multi-part series, we'll focus on the meaning of DevOps in general and DB DevOps specifically, the reasons to implement it or not, the motivations behind it, cost vs benefit considerations, best practices for the management level, and more. The post CI and CD with SSDT Part 0 – Database DevOps for Leaders appeared first on […]
  • Learn how to turn a single-tenant, on-prem system into a cloud-based, multi-tenant, self-managing SaaS marvel in this data-driven session. Join Eitan Blumin to hear about his experience as a database solutions architect. Perfect for product managers, database developers, solution architects, and C-level executives. The post SQL Server Multi-Tenancy in the Real World appeared first on Eitan Blumin's blog.
  • In this session, the 4th of a multi-part series, we will learn How To Do It Right. Based on my real-world experience of consulting and mentoring multiple organizations in their implementation of SQL Server DevOps, dealing with common problems while starting with SSDT for the first time, and various problematic edge cases and how to solve them. The post CI and CD with SSDT Part 4 – Troubleshooting Common SSDT Errors appeared first on Eitan Blumin's blog.
  • While being an awesome feature introduced in SQL Server 2012, Availability Groups were always missing the ability to synchronize server-level objects between replicas. This finally changed 10 years later, in SQL Server 2022, with the introduction of “Contained Availability Groups”. The post Contained Availability Groups in SQL Server 2022 appeared first on Eitan Blumin's blog.
  • Having a production machine with SQL Server in your organization is no cheap feat. Significant costs could accumulate due to… Read More »How to Save Money on Your SQL Server Hardware The post How to Save Money on Your SQL Server Hardware appeared first on Eitan Blumin's blog.
  • In this session, the second of a multi-part series, will cover the concepts and methodologies in SSDT that allow DBAs to work with source control, implement a continuous database development lifecycle, and implement proper change automation. In this session, you will learn the methodologies and best practices of working with database development lifecycle and change automation (specifically using SSDT), understand the differences between state-based and migration-based deployments, learn how to strategically tackle common edge cases, and more. The post CI and CD with SSDT Part 2 – SSDT Methodologies for DB DevOps appeared first on Eitan Blumin's blog.
  • In this session, the second of a 2-part series, we will cover the rich tools, features, and methodologies in SSDT that allow DBAs to implement a continuous database development lifecycle. We will also learn about solutions to common fears and objections coming from naysayers, common problems while starting with SSDT for the first time, and various problematic edge cases and how to solve them. We all know the database is a critical element of your software product. It’s high time for that fact to be reflected in your database development lifecycle! The post CI and CD with SSDT Part 3 […]
  • Do you have Azure SQL Databases or Azure SQL Managed Instances? Are you looking for database performance monitoring solutions without going broke or implementing your own? Look no further than to the Azure SQL Analytics solution. Join Eitan to see how to learn what you can get from this tool, its pros and cons, how to get started, and see a live demo. The post Performance Monitoring with Azure SQL Analytics appeared first on Eitan Blumin's blog.
  • Wherever you look, you find tools and resources to help you migrate from something that is not Cosmos DB, to… Read More »Cosmos DB to SQL Server Migration The post Cosmos DB to SQL Server Migration appeared first on Eitan Blumin's blog.
  • You have a couple or more SQL Servers with some sort of High Availability solution between them (AlwaysOn / Mirroring). You also have scheduled jobs that need to be run on the PRIMARY. But how would you make that work when a failover happens? There are a few ways to solve this. In this session, we will cover possible solutions, downfalls, tricks, and much more. The post How to HADR Your SQL Jobs appeared first on Eitan Blumin's blog.

Other Projects

Below are some of the personal projects I’m currently working on (as a hobby of sorts).

Completed Projects:

SQL Vulnerability Assessment Tool – Rules Reference List

This is not so much a project, as it is simply an online reference page that I created for the various rules executed by the SQL Vulnerability Assessment Tool in SSMS. Personally, I’ve been looking for such a page for a while now, but never found one. So eventually, I figured “why not do it myself?”. Cool script attached!


A CLR function that allows running REST commands (i.e. http web requests) right from within SQL Server. This is a fork of the clr_http_request project initially published By Eilert Hjelmeseth here:
My version extends the project by adding more advanced authentication methods. It’s open source in GitHub and already has a release.


A CLR assembly with a couple of functions that simulate the OPENJSON and JSON_VALUE functions introduced in SQL Server 2016. One of my clients used an older version of SQL Server without a possibility to upgrade (yet), so I created this assembly for them (I couldn’t find such an assembly anywhere else, so I made it myself). Figured it might be useful for other people with pre-2016 SQL Server versions, so I made it public on GitHub.


A new implementation similar to FilterParseXMLParameters which implements dynamic search queries while protecting from SQL injections. This time, implemented in JSON instead of XML, and with a few other improvements. It’s presented in a webinar, and published as a GitHub repository that includes a simple front-end demo as well.


This is a stored procedure written in T-SQL, which can be used to generate a CREATE TABLE script in T-SQL for a given table in Microsoft SQL Server. This is an open-source project at GitHub and you can contribute your own issue and pull requests to enhance its capabilities.

Projects In Progress:


CRUD Application Generator using SQL Server, Classic ASP, Bootstrap and AngularJS. Based on the AdminLTE template. It’s open source in GitHub. I will also be working on a .NET+Angular version with more advanced features.

Abandoned: Respite for SQL: Monitoring & Alerting Platform

I’ve been developing a highly-customizable, lightweight monitoring and alerting solution for Enterprise environments with multiple SQL servers. Implemented with a SQL Server back-end, and web front-end. It was developed while using the simplest and most-accessible platforms in mind, such as SQL Server as a back-end (utilizing linked servers, service broker queues, SQL agent jobs, etc.), and classic ASP (a.k.a. ASP3).

The product is dubbed “Respite for SQL”. It is currently abandoned and is no longer developed, due to lack of time and market saturation of similar tools.


Inspired by Eilert’s project (clr_http_request), I wanted to create something similar for running WMI queries from within SQL Server (i.e. clr_wmi_request ). I made good headway and this even works with remote WMI queries. This too is open source in GitHub.

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