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Even more fun with DATETIME arithmetics!

In one of my previous posts, Fun with DATETIME Arithmetics, I introduced a way to use “math” to manipulate datetime values for effectively generating, calculating, and displaying intervals (i.e. difference between two datetime values). These mostly work with the addition and subtraction operators (+, -). In one of the paragraphs, I mentioned multiplication and division, […]

One handy Powershell script template to rule them all

If you know me, you already know that I’m a huge fan of automation. Therefore, it’s natural to assume that I would dabble in Powershell at least once or twice or a few dozen, as a method to implement useful automations. After all, automation is pretty much the whole essence of Powershell in the first […]

Fun with DATETIME Arithmetics

Did you know that we can have basic datetime arithmetics in SQL server? We can use subtraction to find an accurate difference between two dates, and use addition to add an accurate interval to a datetime column or variable.

Read this post to learn more.

T-SQL Tuesday #135: The Tools of My Trade

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Mikey Bronowski, and asks us to share the tools of the trade that make our job awesome.

While I do feel that the tools that make my job the awesomest are those that help me with productivity, this month’s topic is a bit broader.


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