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T-SQL Tuesday #152 – Which version of my database was deployed? It depends!

One of the things that are not so clear about SSDT specifically and database versioning in general, is how should one identify which “version” of your database project was last deployed to your server?

There are many ways to go about doing this. Which is the best one?

In this article, I hope to review several interesting methods of achieving “database versioning”. Some are well-known and obvious, and some are less so. Either way, it should be interesting.

Compare SQL Server Instance Properties

A few years ago, I created a couple of T-SQL scripts that can be used for comparing instance-level and database-level properties between two HA/DR replicas. Originally, this supported comparing only two servers. But recently, following a fan request, I upgraded the script to support an unlimited number of servers that you can compare to each other.

T-SQL Tuesday #150 – My First Tech Job

This month’s #tsqltuesday is hosted by Kenneth Fisher (b|t), who wants us to share stories about our first tech job (or first job ever if it makes for a good story). My first job ever was delivering a magazine door-to-door in one neighborhood. It doesn’t actually make for a good story as it’s pretty bland […]

I got the Power: Remote Execution using Powershell and SQL Server

As part of my journey to get better at Powershell, I gave myself a task: Create a project utilizing Powershell at its core, to solve a complicated problem as elegantly as possible.

A complicated problem indeed presented itself: How to remotely control multiple computers without having to log into them? Make them perform any task that could possibly be needed? Control them from one central location? And make the solution as easily scalable as possible?

I present to you, the Framework for Remote Execution using Powershell and SQL Server!

Detect Weak Passwords in SQL Server

This is a T-SQL script that I’m cross-publishing with the official Madeira Data Solutions blog. This script generates various permutations and variations of common and weak passwords and uses the PWDCOMPARE function to check whether there are any enabled SQL logins that have these passwords.


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