Eitan Blumin is a SQL Server expert with decades of experience in all fields relating to Microsoft SQL Server databases (since the year 2005), including but not limited to: Database design, management, TSQL programming, performance tuning, replication, backup management, security management, high availability and disaster recovery, SSIS, SSRS, encryption, migrations and more.

Eitan Blumin is currently working as a Senior SQL Server Consultant, Solutions Architect, and Team Leader at Madeira Data Solutions. Other than his day-to-day consultant work, he also co-hosts the popular “SQL Server Radio” podcast with Guy Glantser, writes professional materials for the SQL Server community, delivers professional presentations and courses, and serves as a pivotal source of expert knowledge for the Madeira team.


Since September 1, 2020, Eitan is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

Since December 1, 2020, Eitan is a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate

Oמ March 25th, 2021, Eitan has also passed the Azure Data Fundamentals certification:

Azure Data Fundamentals certification

Eitan is also a Microsoft certified professional with MCSE and MCSA certifications.

You can view all of Eitan’s Microsoft certifications here

SQL Server Radio Podcast

Starting early 2020, Eitan has also started co-hosting the SQL Server Radio podcast.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Troubleshooting SentryOne Full Access Monitoring Mode
    Sometimes SentryOne would not be able to activate its “Full Access” monitoring mode. This article describes a simple but effective methodology to resolve such issues.
  • Keep Your MSDB Clean
    If left unchecked, SQL Server’s historical data could pile up, causing all kinds of problems. So, let no historical data remain un-cleaned!
  • T-SQL Tuesday #136 – Most and Least Favorite Data Type
    This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Brent Ozar, who asks us to Blog about our Favorite Data Type (or Least Favorite). I find it actually quite easy to decide both on a most-favorite, as well as a least-favorite data type in SQL Server. So, why not blog about both?
  • I learned to love WHILE (true) and you should too
    This is one of those things that I would have never expected to adopt, and yet here I am! Not just loving “infinite” loops, but also confident enough that I can convince you to feel the same!
  • T-SQL Tuesday #135: The Tools of My Trade
    This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Mikey Bronowski, and asks us to share the tools of the trade that make our job awesome. While I do feel that the tools that make my job the awesomest are those that help me with productivity, this month’s topic is a bit broader.
  • Monitoring SQL Server Version Updates using SentryOne
    Keeping your SQL Server estate up-to-date is an important task for us DBAs. But, unfortunately, something that’s not quite as easy or straight-forward to do automatically. In today’s post, we’ll create a solution to automatically alert us when a SQL Server monitored by SentryOne becomes outdated.


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