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My name is Eitan Blumin, and I’m the fastest DBA alive. To the outside world, I am an ordinary SQL Server DBA. But secretly, with the help of my friends at Madeira Data Solutions, I fight performance, availability, and security problems no other person can solve, and find other DBAs like me.

I am… The Flash I mean Eitan Blumin.

Eitan Blumin is a SQL Server expert with decades of experience in all fields relating to Microsoft SQL Server databases and the Microsoft Data Platform, including but not limited to: Database design, development, administration, performance tuning, security and encryption, high availability and disaster recovery, ETL, reporting, migrations and upgrades, change automation, and more.

Eitan Blumin is currently working as a Senior SQL Server Consultant, Solutions Architect, and DBA Team Leader at Madeira Data Solutions, the leading Microsoft Data Platform consulting company in Israel. Other than his day-to-day consultant work, he also co-hosts the popular “SQL Server Radio” podcast with Guy Glantser, writes professional materials for the SQL Server community, delivers professional presentations and courses, and serves as a pivotal source of expert knowledge for the Madeira team.


Since September 1, 2020, Eitan is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

Since December 1, 2020, Eitan is a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate

Oמ March 25th, 2021, Eitan has also passed the Azure Data Fundamentals certification:

Eitan is also a Microsoft certified professional with MCSE and MCSA certifications.

You can view all of Eitan’s Microsoft certifications here

SQL Server Radio Podcast

Since early 2020, Eitan started co-hosting the SQL Server Radio podcast.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Oh, you’re seeing this?? Looks like it worked!
    Haha! If you’re seeing this, it means I finally migrated to my new WordPress host successfully! Yeepee! ‘dis mah new home, you like? 🐸
  • Could SQL Injection be dangerous even when perfectly safe?
    Despite being one of the oldest database attack methods, SQL Injection still persists for decades at the OWASP Top Ten list of critical security risks to web applications. In fact, instead of dying out, it only seems to be getting more clever and even automated. With “hacker bots” scouring the web and automatically probing for injection vulnerabilities to exploit. But today I’m not actually going to talk about that. Today, I’m going to ask the question: When is SQL Injection dangerous, even if it’s perfectly safe?
  • New Upcoming Session – Troubleshooting Common SSDT Errors
    As a spiritual “part 4” in my ongoing series of webinars titled “CI and CD with SSDT”, I will be delivering an entirely new session called “Troubleshooting Build and Deployment of SSDT Projects for SQL Server DevOps” (or “Troubleshooting Common SSDT Errors” for short).
  • T-SQL Tuesday #152 – Which version of my database was deployed? It depends!
    One of the things that are not so clear about SSDT specifically and database versioning in general, is how should one identify which “version” of your database project was last deployed to your server? There are many ways to go about doing this. Which is the best one? In this article, I hope to review several interesting methods of achieving “database versioning”. Some are well-known and obvious, and some are less so. Either way, it should be interesting.
  • Should the Database and Application projects be in the same Repository?
    Should your SQL Database project be in the same solution as the App project? Or maybe they should be in the same source control repository but separate solutions? Or maybe they should be in completely separate repositories? Read more to find out!
  • Compare SQL Server Instance Properties
    A few years ago, I created a couple of T-SQL scripts that can be used for comparing instance-level and database-level properties between two HA/DR replicas. Originally, this supported comparing only two servers. But recently, following a fan request, I upgraded the script to support an unlimited number of servers that you can compare to each other.


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