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T-SQL Tuesday #152 – Which version of my database was deployed? It depends!

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Deb the DBA (b|t), who invites us to give a long rant about a question that a coworker could be asking us, without knowing what they’ve just gotten themselves into by doing that.

Well… I’ve got just the thing 🤭

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T-SQL Tuesday #150 – My First Tech Job

This month’s #tsqltuesday is hosted by Kenneth Fisher (b|t), who wants us to share stories about our first tech job (or first job ever if it makes for a good story).

My first job ever was delivering a magazine door-to-door in one neighborhood. It doesn’t actually make for a good story as it’s pretty bland and boring. Except maybe for how when I got my first paycheck (which was a measly 50 shekels for one morning’s work), I was so excited that my hands literally trembled and I had a stupid grin on my face that I couldn’t get rid of for the next hour or so (it’s stupid, I know, but come on, I was barely in high-school at the time).

I imagine that wasn’t very interesting, so I’ll tell you about my first real job (which was indeed a tech job).

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T-SQL Tuesday #131 – Star Trek Candy and SWITCH TO

This month’s #tsql2sday came to us from Rob Volk (b|t), who asks us to explain databases using an analogy, as if explaining to a 5 year old. I’m actually a big fan of The Feynman Technique (aka ELI5), so I really wanted to participate. But to be honest, I nearly missed out this time simply because I couldn’t think of an idea this whole week.

On the very last day, when the posts already started rolling out by all the bloggers, I’ve read a few, and only then the muse finally hit me. I kid you not, the time is literally 23:59 here in Israel as I hit the publish button!

So anyways, the idea I had was for the ALTER TABLE..SWITCH TO command in SQL Server.

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