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T-SQL Tuesday #152 – Which version of my database was deployed? It depends!

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Deb the DBA (b|t), who invites us to give a long rant about a question that a coworker could be asking us, without knowing what they’ve just gotten themselves into by doing that.

Well… I’ve got just the thing 🤭

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T-SQL Tuesday #150 – My First Tech Job

This month’s #tsqltuesday is hosted by Kenneth Fisher (b|t), who wants us to share stories about our first tech job (or first job ever if it makes for a good story).

My first job ever was delivering a magazine door-to-door in one neighborhood. It doesn’t actually make for a good story as it’s pretty bland and boring. Except maybe for how when I got my first paycheck (which was a measly 50 shekels for one morning’s work), I was so excited that my hands literally trembled and I had a stupid grin on my face that I couldn’t get rid of for the next hour or so (it’s stupid, I know, but come on, I was barely in high-school at the time).

I imagine that wasn’t very interesting, so I’ll tell you about my first real job (which was indeed a tech job).

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T-SQL Tuesday #131 – Star Trek Candy and SWITCH TO

This month’s #tsql2sday came to us from Rob Volk (b|t), who asks us to explain databases using an analogy, as if explaining to a 5 year old. I’m actually a big fan of The Feynman Technique (aka ELI5), so I really wanted to participate. But to be honest, I nearly missed out this time simply because I couldn’t think of an idea this whole week.

On the very last day, when the posts already started rolling out by all the bloggers, I’ve read a few, and only then the muse finally hit me. I kid you not, the time is literally 23:59 here in Israel as I hit the publish button!

So anyways, the idea I had was for the ALTER TABLE..SWITCH TO command in SQL Server.

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T-SQL Tuesday #126 – Responding to COVID-19

This month’s #tsql2sday is hosted by the legendary Glenn Berry (b|t), and asks us about what we’ve been doing as a response to COVID-19. Madeira Data Solutions did quite a lot to chip in during these difficult times. Hopefully, it’s enough to make some kind of difference.

Due to the nature of this post’s content, it was published on the Madeira Data Solutions Blog. Check it out!

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