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Monitoring SQL Server Version Updates using SentryOne

Following the recent acquisition of SentryOne by SolarWinds, I’ve decided to write a few special blog posts dedicated to our favorite SQL server monitoring platform.

Click here if you missed my previous post: Common issues during SentryOne version upgrades.

As part of the managed DBA service that Madeira data solutions provides, we make extensive use of the SentryOne monitoring and alerting platform. As such, we’ve gathered significant experience in using, managing, and maintaining the platform.

This also includes utilizing the platform to do all kinds of “unorthodox” monitoring, which is not available “out-of-the-box”.

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Webinar: Performance Monitoring with Azure SQL Analytics

On November 19th, 2020, I delivered a short session about Azure SQL Analytics, as part of the MVP Days Israel 2020 event.

MVP Days Israel 2020 was a full-day event driven by the local (Israeli) MVP community to share knowledge on various Microsoft products across the board – Azure, GitHub, DevOps, Power Apps, AI, Data Platform and more.

We had a bunch of impressive talks given by very talented people. My session was delivered in Hebrew, and it was mostly based on what I wrote in one of my previous blog posts: Is Azure SQL Analytics all you need for SQL Server Monitoring?.

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T-SQL Tuesday #128 – Learn from Others

This month’s #tsql2sday is hosted by the @AirborneGeek (t|b), who asks us to take a lesson from something frequently done by pilots – learning from accidents and mistakes done by others. As a long-time SQL Server Consultant DBA, I have learned from quite a lot of mistakes done (mostly) by others, seeing as a significant part of my job description is to come over and fix such mistakes. So, today I’ll use this opportunity to talk about one such interesting incident.

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Is Azure SQL Analytics all you need for SQL Server Monitoring?

How well can you monitor Azure SQL Databases and Azure Managed Instances without any 3rd party tools? Is Azure SQL Analytics really good enough for the job? Can it be a decent competitor to powerhouses such as SentryOne, Red-Gate, Apex, Solarwinds and others? Can you use it as a cheap alternative in the cloud? Will I ever stop asking questions and get to the point already? Yes, of course I will! Just keep reading.

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Business Data Monitoring with Zabbix – Easily Done

In this article, we will show you how we implemented a little system to create generic business data based alerts, and show them on Zabbix when needed.

In the first part, Snir will focus on the generic process that will deliver the data you want to Zabbix in case of a problem, and Eitan will explain the steps that need to be taken on the database end of things.