Database File Size Maintenance

This project is for development of a stored procedure, which is to be used as an add-on to Ola Hallengren’s maintenance solution, and retains the same standards and conventions in its implementation of parameters.

The DatabaseFileSizeMaintenance stored procedure focuses on managing database file size growth and shrink, based on specified parameters.

Please click above to visit the repository for more details.


The procedure requires Ola Hallengren’s CommandExecute procedure in order to run.

If @LogToTable = 'Y' is specified, then you must also have the CommandLog table in the same database.

If @DatabasesInParallel = 'Y' is specified, then you must also have the Queue and QueueDatabase tables.


This project is licensed under the same open-source project as Ola Hallengren’s maintenance solution.

The DatabaseFileSizeMaintenance stored procedure is released under the MIT license.

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