Upcoming webinar: CI and CD with SSDT and Living to Tell About It

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the webinar had to be delayed to a later date. I’ll post an update as soon as a new date will be scheduled.

I’m delivering an upcoming webinar in PASS Global Hebrew Virtual Group: CI and CD with SSDT and Living to Tell About It, on September 25th, 17:00 Israel Standard Time (GMT+3)

Details and registration: https://globalhebrew.pass.org/MeetingDetails.aspx?EventID=14256

Meet SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools), that comes with the SQL Database Project as an effective tool for integrating the database development with the application development lifecycle.

Source control, version history, unit testing, and CI/CD: SSDT comes with an answer for all.

The webinar is based on my real-world experience of implementing source control methodologies and CI/CD for SQL Server databases, using the Microsoft SSDT environment. My experience comes with answers for all the common fears and objections coming from naysayers, for common problems while starting with SSDT for the first time, and for various problematic edge cases.

We all know the database is a critical element of your software product. It’s high time for that fact to be reflected in your database development lifecycle!

Since the webinar is delivered at the Global Hebrew Virtual Group, it will be delivered in the Hebrew language (even though the slides deck itself will be in English).

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