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CI and CD with SSDT and living to tell about it
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CI and CD with SSDT Part 4 – Troubleshooting Common SSDT Errors

So, you want to implement DevOps for your SQL Server database, huh? So you went ahead and created a SQL Server Database Project in SSDT. Maybe you even have a CI/CD pipeline all ready to go…

But now, you’re starting to see all kinds of errors and problems that you’re not sure how to tackle. Maybe you have some kind of edge case in your target environment. Maybe you need to store something in your project and you don’t know how. Maybe you’re having trouble with your unit tests. Maybe your project can’t even be built properly without getting a bunch of errors.

You’re starting to doubt… Was SSDT even the right choice?? CAN this even be done at all???

In this session, the 4th of a multi-part series, we will learn How To Do It Right. Based on my real-world experience of consulting and mentoring multiple organizations in their implementation of SQL Server DevOps, dealing with common problems while starting with SSDT for the first time, and various problematic edge cases and how to solve them.

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