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Cosmos DB to SQL Server Migration

Wherever you look, you find tools and resources to help you migrate from something that is not Cosmos DB, to Cosmos DB. The Cosmos DB migration utility tool can only export a JSON file at most, but that can rarely be good enough if you need to move around more than a handful of documents.

Assume that you decided to move your data out of Cosmos DB. I ain’t asking you why. Either way, you’re gonna have a very hard time finding a ready made solution for this.

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Send calendar invites from within SQL Server

Looking for a way to send calendar event invitations from within SQL Server?

Did you try that one hack where you use sp_send_dbmail to generate an ics attachment file, and then found that it’s still not being identified as a calendar event in the e-mail program?

Then fret no more, my friends, because I’ve been there, and out of sheer desperation of not being able to find a properly working solution, I’ve decided to build one myself. And now it’s available for your wide consumption as an open source project!

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GitHub Gists

Throughout my day-to-day job, I get to write a lot of T-SQL scripts for all kinds of varied needs and scenarios. Every once in a while I get to write something pretty cool which I think other people can also find useful.