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I’m Speaking at DataWeekender 6.5!

Unfortunately, the Data TLV summit was delayed. But I still have some good news: I’ll be speaking at #DataWeekender 6.5 on November 4, and I will be delivering a brand new session! ✨

It’s been a while since I delivered a session at the first #DataWeekender event way back in May 2020. I didn’t get a chance to be a speaker at the following iterations of DataWeekender. But next week that’s going to change!

DataWeekender is one of those “pop-up” virtual summits created during the COVID-19 pandemic by the European community, as a sort of replacement for the then-popular “SQL Saturdays” and such. It’s being managed by Kevin Chant, Gethyn Ellis, and more wonderful folks.

Next week, on November 4, DataWeekender 6.5 will be taking place, where I’ll be delivering a brand new session called: SQL Server Multi-Tenancy in the Real World. You can check out the new portfolio page I created for it.

DataWeekender is a FREE virtual event with multiple tracks and speakers from all over the world.

Click here to register now!

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