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Troubleshooting SentryOne Full Access Monitoring Mode

Following the recent acquisition of SentryOne by SolarWinds, I’ve decided to write a few special blog posts dedicated to our favorite SQL Server monitoring platform.

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As part of the managed DBA service that Madeira Data Solutions provides, we make extensive use of the SentryOne SQL Sentry monitoring and alerting platform. As such, we’ve gathered significant experience in using, managing, and maintaining the platform. That also includes quite a few issues that tend to repeat themselves, especially when you have lots of different targets and environments to monitor.

The “Full Access” monitoring mode in SentryOne is the mode that allows SentryOne to monitor not just metrics from your SQL Server instance, but also from the underlying Windows operating system. Metrics such as CPU utilization, network utilization, memory usage, disk activity, and more.

Sometimes there could be various issues that prevent SentryOne from successfully activating the “Full Access” monitoring mode. That would cause SentryOne to work in the “Limited Access” mode, where only the right-hand side is visible in the performance analysis dashboard.

This article describes a simple but effective methodology to resolve such issues.

The full post is published at the Madeira Data Solutions official website:

Troubleshooting SentryOne Full Access Monitoring Mode

Click on the link above to read it!

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