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This is a Call-to-Arms Against AI-Generated Content

As a productivity geek, I am very excited about the recent advancements in AI as a content-generating tool.

In fact, I have already started using ChatGPT as a writing assistant for my blog.

However, I am very careful with the content produced by it, as the currently available AI models are not trustworthy enough to produce 100% accurate content. As an expert in my field, it’s easy for me to curate and validate the content generated for me by AI, because I have the knowledge and expertise to do so. So, you can rest easy knowing that I’ll continue producing high-quality content 😉.

But what about people who don’t have a high level of expertise in the field in which they’re using AI for content generation? Even worse, what if they don’t care? What would happen when every shmoe gets access to AI and uses it to try and earn an easy buck by content generation? What happens when there’s an oversaturation of content generated by AI?

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