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T-SQL Tuesday #126 – Responding to COVID-19

This month’s #tsql2sday is hosted by the legendary Glenn Berry (b|t), and asks us about what we’ve been doing as a response to COVID-19. Madeira Data Solutions did quite a lot to chip in during these difficult times. Hopefully, it’s enough to make some kind of difference.

Due to the nature of this post’s content, it was published on the Madeira Data Solutions Blog. Check it out!

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Surviving the COVID-19 Dystopia

These are surreal times we live in. The lethal COVID19 strain of the Corona virus is officially a Pandemic, and we quickly realized how fast such a thing can spread in this era of Globalization. With the virus pandemic also arrives a pandemic of blog posts and social network noise. Everyone’s writing and talking about this topic. So, I guess I must too.

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