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How to Save Money on Your SQL Server Hardware

Having a production machine with SQL Server in your organization is no cheap feat. Significant costs could accumulate due to expensive hardware and licensing.

How could we know whether our SQL Server machine is wasting our money? What are the most common pitfalls? How to detect them and what can we do to remedy them?

Learn all this and more in this session.

This session contains tips relevant to SQL Servers on-premises as well as in the cloud.

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Cosmos DB to SQL Server Migration

Wherever you look, you find tools and resources to help you migrate from something that is not Cosmos DB, to Cosmos DB. The Cosmos DB migration utility tool can only export a JSON file at most, but that can rarely be good enough if you need to move around more than a handful of documents.

Assume that you decided to move your data out of Cosmos DB. I ain’t asking you why. Either way, you’re gonna have a very hard time finding a ready made solution for this.

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