My name is Eitan Blumin, and I’m the fastest DBA alive. To the outside world, I am an ordinary SQL Server DBA. But secretly, with the help of my friends at Madeira Data Solutions, I fight performance, availability, and security problems no other person can solve, and find other DBAs like me.

I am… The Flash I mean Eitan Blumin.

Eitan Blumin is a SQL Server expert with decades of experience in all fields relating to Microsoft SQL Server databases and the Microsoft Data Platform, including but not limited to: Database design, development, administration, performance tuning, security and encryption, high availability and disaster recovery, ETL, reporting, migrations and upgrades, change automation, and more.

Eitan Blumin is currently working as a Senior SQL Server Consultant, Solutions Architect, and DBA Team Leader at Madeira Data Solutions, the leading Microsoft Data Platform consulting company in Israel. Other than his day-to-day consultant work, he also co-hosts the popular “SQL Server Radio” podcast with Guy Glantser, writes professional materials for the SQL Server community, delivers professional presentations and courses, and serves as a pivotal source of expert knowledge for the Madeira team.


Since September 1, 2020, Eitan is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

Since December 1, 2020, Eitan is a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate

Oמ March 25th, 2021, Eitan has also passed the Azure Data Fundamentals certification:

Azure Data Fundamentals certification

Eitan is also a Microsoft certified professional with MCSE and MCSA certifications.

You can view all of Eitan’s Microsoft certifications here

SQL Server Radio Podcast

Starting early 2020, Eitan started co-hosting the SQL Server Radio podcast.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Performance Tuning Like a Pro – with Hypothetical Indexes
    Every once in a while there comes an opportunity to “upgrade” your abilities with newly acquired knowledge that lets you “step up your game” and possibly add some “wow factor” to your work, leaving your peers awe-struck by your amazing new “magic trick”. As a SQL Server consultant, one such opportunity that I had in […]
  • It is 10 PM, do you know where your pages are?
    Back in April 2020, I created an open-source project called “SQL Server Page Allocation Reports“. It consisted of a set of SQL queries and some Power BI reports that can be used for visualizing the size and locations of your data and transaction log pages. Well, recently I also added SSMS Custom Reports into the […]
  • T-SQL Tuesday #143 – Short Powershell code to move DB files in AlwaysOn
    This month’s #tsql2sday is hosted by John McCormack who asks us to share some useful snippets of code that can help us in our everyday jobs. Well, honestly, this is more or less what my blog is mostly about anyway: sharing insights, scripts, and code snippets that I found to be helpful in my day-to-day […]
  • The Simplest Alternative to sp_MSforeachdb
    Which drawbacks are there to using the built-in sp_MSforeachdb stored procedure? What other alternatives are out there? Is there a simpler solution? Find out all this and more in this short post.
  • Finding a use for Extended Properties in SQL Server
    “Extended properties allow you to add custom properties to database objects”, so says the official Microsoft documentation. However, very few DBAs make use of them, if at all. This is actually a good thing, because indeed the scenarios in which this feature could be useful are relatively few and rare. On the other hand, I […]
  • The Asynchronous Ledger Trick for Fast SQL Server Insert, Update and Delete Processes
    Do you find yourself facing performance problems and long lock chains caused by very frequent INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements being executed on a table? Check out this neat trick that could help you out and make all the difference in the world.


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