Surviving the COVID-19 Dystopia

These are surreal times we live in. The lethal COVID19 strain of the Corona virus is officially a Pandemic, and we quickly realized how fast such a thing can spread in this era of Globalization. With the virus pandemic also arrives a pandemic of blog posts and social network noise. Everyone’s writing and talking about this topic. So, I guess I must too.

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Is Azure SQL Analytics all you need for SQL Server Monitoring?

How well can you monitor Azure SQL Databases and Azure Managed Instances without any 3rd party tools? Is Azure SQL Analytics really good enough for the job? Can it be a decent competitor to powerhouses such as SentryOne, Red-Gate, Apex, Solarwinds and others? Can you use it as a cheap alternative in the cloud? Will I ever stop asking questions and get to the point already? Yes, of course I will! Just keep reading.

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