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I’m speaking – The best of SQLbits 2023

On May 10th, all Israeli experts who participated in the conference will share their experience with the Israeli community and convey the best sessions they attended in #SQLBits 2023! I will also be one of them and deliver my favorite session!

Are you an Israeli who finds interest in SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform? Then you’re in luck! Because on May 10th we are bringing the largest conference in the Data Platform field to Tel Aviv! For Free!

9 Israeli experts in the Microsoft Data Platform have attended SQLBits 2023, and each one selected one session that they attended, to re-deliver to the local Israeli audience.

The sessions will NOT be re-delivered as-is, they will be short, abridged, and summarized. But the point is that we distill the most critical and important highlights of each session.

The event is organized with the cooperation of Microsoft and will take place in the Microsoft Reactor in Tel Aviv, and you get to enjoy half a day with the best of the best. Check out the agenda:

09:30 – Gathering
10:00 – Opening
10:10 – Maria Zakourdaev – Learn to Ask Better Questions to Solve the Right Problems (Alexander Arvidsson & Linda Torrång)
10:30 – Guy Dabah – Fundamentals of Git (Grant Fritchey)
10:50 – Xenia Tarnavsky – Chaos Engineering for SQL Server (Andrew Pruski)
11:10 – Eitan Blumin – Don’t Let Your Permissions Be Hijacked! (Erland Sommarskog)
11:30 – Break
11:50 – Uri Bahat – Troubleshooting Power BI Reports (Benni De Jagere)
12:10 – Avi Niv – Crossing the Streams: Adding PostgreSQL to Your SQL Server Skillset (Grant Fritchey)
12:30 – Guy Glantser – Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization in SQL 2022 … As Cool as it Sounds? (Erin Stellato & Hugo Kornelis)
12:50 – Ben Hazan – Generate Test Data Quick, Easy and Lots of It with the Databricks Labs Data Generator (André Kamman)
13:10 – Michael Cherevko – Just Use Extended Events Already (Erin Stellato)

As you can see, I chose Erland Sommarskog’s session as it was my favorite, and it’s my honor to have received Erland’s blessing for this endeavor.

As I said, this event is on May 10th in Tel Aviv, in Microsoft’s Reactor conference room.

Click here for details and registration (it’s free!)

See you there!

Check out the SQL Server Radio podcast episode where I talked about SQLBits 2023 with Guy Glantser:

פרק 157 – תוכנית סיכום של SQLBits2023 שיחות בין DBAs

גיא ואיתן מדברים על חוויותיהם מכנס SQLBITS 2023 שהם היו נוכחים בו, ומספרים על ההרצאות האהובות עליהם מהכנס. קישורים רלוונטיים: האתר הרשמי של SQLBits 2023 ספריית הקלטות מכל הכנסים הקודמים של SQLBits ערוץ היוטיוב הרשמי של SQLBits Don't Let Your Permissions be Hijacked! – Erland Sommarskog Row numbers with nondeterministic order – Itzik Ben-Gan קבוצת הריאקטור של מיקרוסופט בתל-אביב

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