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New Upcoming Session – Troubleshooting Common SSDT Errors

As a spiritual “part 4” in my ongoing series of webinars titled “CI and CD with SSDT”, I will be delivering an entirely new session called “Troubleshooting Build and Deployment of SSDT Projects for SQL Server DevOps” (or “Troubleshooting Common SSDT Errors” for short).

The new session is scheduled to be delivered during the next Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022 (by Data Platform Geeks):

Special credit goes to Amit Bansal from the Data Platform Virtual Summit, who was the one to urge me to create this new session (instead of delivering one of my older sessions).

Thanks, Amit! Sometimes, all one needs is a little push 😉.

I have already set up a dedicated page for this session as I do for all of my sessions. You can find it here:

Registration is free this year! So save your seat now:

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