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Monitoring SQL Server Version Updates using SentryOne

Following the recent acquisition of SentryOne by SolarWinds, I’ve decided to write a few special blog posts dedicated to our favorite SQL server monitoring platform.

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As part of the managed DBA service that Madeira data solutions provides, we make extensive use of the SentryOne monitoring and alerting platform. As such, we’ve gathered significant experience in using, managing, and maintaining the platform.

This also includes utilizing the platform to do all kinds of “unorthodox” monitoring, which is not available “out-of-the-box”.

Keeping your SQL Server estate up-to-date is an important task for us DBAs.
But, unfortunately, something that’s not quite as easy or straight-forward to do automatically.

In today’s post, we’ll create a solution to automatically alert us when a SQL Server monitored by SentryOne becomes outdated.

The full post is published at the Madeira Data Solutions official website:

Monitoring SQL Server Version Updates using SentryOne

We’re very proud of this solution which we’re using as part of our managed DBA service.
Check it out and use it for your own SQL Server environments!

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