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Can't have a post about triggers without a gun image

Advanced Service Broker Sample: Asynchronous Triggers

In my previous post, Advanced Service Broker Sample: Multi-Threading, I showed a rather advanced scenario where we can implement a multi-threading solution inside the SQL Server database engine.

In this post, I hope to show a simpler scenario of using Service Broker in SQL Server.
This time, I’ll start by handing out the API script itself and give brief explanation on how to use it.

Then, if you’re interested, you may continue reading for further explanations.


Advanced Service Broker Sample: Multi-Threading

I managed to encounter several times a scenario in which an application needed to execute several queries independent of each other, and then group them together somehow. However, each of these queries takes a while to execute.

One might wonder: If only we could use some kind of multi-threading mechanism to execute them in parallel, and then the total running time will be that of the slowest query only and not the total of them.

Well, it just so happens that our first sample will show how you can implement “multi-threading” in SQL Server using Service Broker queues!