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T-SQL Tuesday #118 – I wish SQL Server had better Table Partitioning

For this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, Kevin Chant asked us to dream up our fantasy SQL Server feature. I love this topic and so I had to join in on this as a late (and first-time) contributor.

My ask from Microsoft for SQL Server is something that…. Well… It should be simple. It should’ve been implemented YEARS ago. I’m thinking somewhere around the year 2005.

The feature I’m talking about is Table Partitioning, but… Better. A lot of great hopes were raised when SQL Server finally had table partitioning implementation (first introduced in SQL Server 2005). But, unfortunately, the feature by large remained the same way since, without any meaningful improvements (besides some parallelism and statistics maintenance improvements).

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s competitors took this feature more seriously, and implemented a lot of very interesting functionality around it.

Those types of functionality feel like a huge miss on Microsoft’s part, because I think they could bring huge benefit to SQL Server functionality.

So, let’s build a list of “sub-features” that we wish we had in SQL Server Table Partitioning. I’ll start with the following:

That’s all I got for now.

Do you have more ideas? Post them below!
Also, since I’m a rather late comer, I didn’t have the time to check whether there’s a feature request already for any of the above. So if you know of any such feature requests, post a link to them below in the comments.

Additional Resources

Check out the following reference pages about partitioning, from the other RDBMS competitors, just to see all the nifty stuff that Microsoft is missing out on:

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