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SQL Server Multi-Tenancy in the Real World

With the advent of cloud technologies, “microservice” design patterns, and SaaS products, how could a “monolith” sort of “legacy” system ever hope to achieve the same level of scalability without breaking the bank and/or starting from scratch?

Implementing actual multi-tenant database systems is not an easy task, especially when done on top of an existing on-prem system.

Join Eitan Blumin in this data-driven session to hear about his experience as a database solutions architect in a real-world project that takes a single-tenant, on-prem system, and turns it into a cloud-based, multi-tenant, self-managing SaaS marvel! ☁

You may not hear what you expect! 😉

This session is intended for database developers, solution architects, product managers, and C-level executives.

In this session, you will learn about the common database multi-tenancy models, how to adapt such a model to a very common on-prem “monolith” system design, and learn a few interesting “tricks” to help manage and maintain such a beast.

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