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Forced Quorum Mode and The Value of Democracy

In a recent incident involving AlwaysOn Availability Groups, an interesting lesson was learned about cluster configurations and the delicate balance of democratic votes within them.

The scenario occurred during a routine DR exercise, where a client’s entire cluster collapsed unexpectedly, prompting an investigation into the root cause. As it turned out, the issue stemmed from the cluster entering “Forced Quorum Mode” due to a badly configured number of votes in the cluster.

This mode, designed to prevent split-brain scenarios and data corruption, shut down the cluster entirely, emphasizing the critical importance of understanding and configuring quorum settings properly.

To learn more about the incident, what we found during the root cause analysis, and our findings, read the full blog post on the official Madeira Data Solutions blog:

Click here to read the full blog post Forced Quorum Mode and The Value of Democracy

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