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CI and CD with SSDT Part 1: Development Lifecycle Basics for DBAs (PASS Global Hebrew)

CI and CD with SSDT and living to tell about it

CI and CD with SSDT and living to tell about it

Meet SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools), that comes with the SQL Database Project as an effective tool for integrating the database development with the software development lifecycle. Source control, version history, unit testing, and CI/CD: SSDT comes with an answer for all.

But before we can dive into SSDT, we must all be on the same page and understand the terms and methodologies used in the world of software development lifecycles. After all, with the power of SSDT, we the DBAs also become a part of this world!

In this session, the first of a 2-part series, we will learn what is Git Source Control? What are CI/CD Pipelines? What are Unit Tests? These are all topics that each DBA must familiarize themselves with before integrating with the software development lifecycle.

This webinar was delivered as part of the PASS Global Hebrew Virtual Chapter, and as such is presented in the Hebrew language. However, the slides deck itself is in English.

Click here to download the slides deck:
CI and CD with SSDT part 1.pptx

Next, continue to the 2nd part of these sessions, where we will dive into SSDT, its features and methodologies, and how it can be used for CI/CD for your database:

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